Composite Decking

Composite DeckingAre you considering rebuilding your deck to TREX® composite decking? Then consider “K&K Creations ” the TREX® Experts!

With our TREX® composite decking, you gain a smooth surface that is not prone to splintering, making it safe for children’s bare feet. A hidden clip system gives our selections of composite decks an additional level of attractiveness and function.  We sell and recommend TREX® Composite decks.

Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning your composite deck you’re gaining one of the most low-maintenance surfaces for outdoor living. And no annual staining is required. Our composite decking is made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally responsible choice for you.

A cozy deck with benches and planters, an elaborate outdoor kitchen, a secluded conversation nook — whatever your vision, K&K Creations composite decking provides you with the freedom and flexibility to create an outdoor experience unlike any other. From classic to contemporary, traditional grains to exotic hardwoods, find the look you love no matter what your preference.

Our virtually maintenance free Composite Decking Systems are ideal for; Garden Decking, Caravan Decking, Balconies and are equally at home for Restaurants, Schools and Marinas.

5 Reasons to select TREX® Composite Decking

  • Warranted against staining and fading
  • Mold and mildew resistant surface
  • Composite core for strength and durability
  • Rich natural wood tones
  • Easier to clean for years of enjoyment

Our moisture-resistant composite decking is environmentally friendly and can be installed on or in the ground or even underwater. We also offer industry leading warranty against rot, decay, and termite damage.

Why “K&K Creations ” and TREX ®?

  • We have been selling and building TREX® decks for over 11 years
  • Composite decks are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Beauty and versatility like that of natural wood but without the maintenance
  • Perfect for both domestic and commercial settings
  • Non porous outer layer, so it essentially self-cleans and the rain will do the hard work.

If you have any further inquiries regarding our products and/or services please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 303-818-9889

The perfect fusion of beauty and toughness, not only does composite decking shield your deck against moisture and the elements, TREX® comes in many different colors and offers longer life and much lower maintenance of your beautiful new deck vs. a wood deck.

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